Steps toward to the  future in the power systems

(ICNTET, India, 2018)


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Descrierea a fost generată cu un grad foarte mare de încredereAbstract: The future power systems will contain intelligent generators, intelligent store facilities and intelligent consumers with intelligent behaviors. The future picogrids, nanogrids and microgrids, in other words, intelligent energy cells, are parts of the whole power system and will not be isoleted, as some power authorities believe today. These intelligent energy cells would be in the same time isolated and connected between them and connected to the public grid.  The future power energy system would be as a tissue of smaller intelligent energy systems. In such future energy systems, the control is not needed because every major component, every inelligent energy cell, every consumer would have its proper DNA and in a specific situation know what to do, as the human cells know. The steps towards such power systems are describe here.  Some steps are underway, even when most of us are unconscios about these. The paper is focusing on photovoltaics to challenge these concepts.