About integration of large photovoltaic energy  into SEN

(CIE, 2018, Oradea)

O imagine care conține hartă, text

Descrierea a fost generată cu un grad foarte mare de încredereAbstract – The increase in domestic electricity consumption have forced the power industry to examine its health. Context: the climate change exigencies and his threat to the survival of humanity is real; the fossil resources are mostly, politically controlled. In return, the rise of renewable technologies and its the democratic geographical distribution feature is a huge advantage: sun shines everywhere! Conclusion: mankind is at the turning point of its energy future. In Romania (3GW wind and 1,3GW solar large plant) it is a fear about more renewable, special wind. One root of this fear could be the gap  between Romanian authorities: one authorithy establish rules without taken in account facts and the other authority must oparate in an hostile „enviromnent”. To get an independently opinion about these facts we take a look on SEN. More, we had to compare the Germanian and to Romanian legislation in the matter of renewable.  We compare the actual SEN with a future one that is the actual national energy system with 1,9GW photovoltaic. Further we will model the new SEN, the old SEN with aditional 1,9Gw small residenttial photovoltaic cell with storages. From here  two conclusions comes out!