The future in the power systems

(CRSTS-2018, Brașov)

Abstract:  The aging energy infrastructure come to and end. The fossil resources are, politically controlled. The rise of renewable technologies can not be ignoring, and its the geographical distribution feature is a huge advantage; renewable produces everywhere, special the photovoltaics. The climate change exigencies and his threat to the survival of humanity is real. The increase in domestic electricity consumption have forced the power industry to examine its health. Mankind is at the turning point of its energy future. The advancements in real-time processing and communication made searching for new approach possible. Regarding the sources the photovoltaic sources will play a major role. The future power systems will contain intelligent generators, intelligent store facilities and intelligent consumers with intelligent behaviors.  Microgrid should be parts of the power system. Microgrid at least, is a small energy system with locally interconnected generators, consumers and storage facilities, within physical limits, which can operate autonomously but also connected to the public network. But is not enough if we are looking to the future. The future does not belong to the microgrid but to the intelligent structure that minimaze the cost and boost the efficiency. Instead of microgrid, the Intelligent Energy Cell, IEC, is the right answer. The IEC besides the microgrid today, also contains an intelligent component that optimize the behavior of all component, generators, consumer, storage facilities and exchange with the public grid as a whole. The IECs, are parts of the whole power system and will not be isoleted, as some power authorities believe today. This IEC would be in the same time isolated and connected between them and connected to the public grid.  This is only the first step. The future power energy system, the Intelligent Energy System, IES, would be as a tissue of smaller IECs. The next step of development concerns the IES. Here all the major component has its own DNA. In such future power systems, all components communicate between them, the control is not needed. A superviser task is reduces because every major component, every inelligent energy cell, every consumer would have its proper DNA and in a specific situation know what to do, as the human cells know.