Institutional Romania a mixture of phanariotism * and communism (the balkanism)

Leaving aside the implicit or explicit racism and chauvinism, of those who despise people, to address Balkanism. The University X vice-rector, other day, in a private meeting, said conciliatory with the times and the political class - "we are the Balkans, this is it!". About me know for sure, but perhaps others like me do not consider ourselves the Balkans, we have this attribute. Therefore see what's with "Balkanism" 1.Chronic condition of widespread institutionalized corruption; 2.Bushy judiciary, all inefficient for ordinary individuals, who when not directly set policy is self-regulating political empathy; 3. Country organized by law for certain professional groups, privileged or interest; 4.Total subordination of the public budget client interests (km of motorway costs triple over any other part of Europe, contracts with confidentiality clauses on public money, and so on), 5.Lack of a real political alternative (all parties have the same position on public money - their own and customer satisfaction), 6.Lack of independent information media or the public really able to serve the interests of the many, 7.Lack of a sensitive pressure from civil society to rectify flaws fanarioto-communist.

We like it or not, Romania is organized after the pattern "Balkanism", although a country placed in the geometric center of Europe. Balkanism, the descent Phanariote, it horrified by Mihai Eminescu. The great thinker is "strip" in the hope that we - survivors - will be able to identify, isolate and destroy. Phanariotism after Phanariots was held up first by the "class overlay" (the denunciation of the poet), then cominterniştii and politrucii "nationalists", and finally taken over today and brought to perfection by representatives of the parties arising out of shards PCR smart (UDMR, NSF - psd pdl-Liberal Party, Peasant Party, PRM, and so on).

Even if a significant part of us we would put states criminalized - Balkanism has strong roots, the rich and left traces of deleted hard. To eradicate it must first identify it. An example of "Balkanism" which does not thrill any man of law is that a final and irrevocable means nothing in Romania's Iliescu and Constantinescu, Basescu! It must go through a judicial step: file bailiff! Therefore everything is a lie in Balkanism: finally and irrevocably do not retain their meaning? Moreover, today, or a final, irrevocable and even invested not mean much if executatul is "very political"! Another example of Balkanism, knead the Communists, is the large number of levels of jurisdiction: court, tribunal, court of appeal and the High Court of Cassation and Justice. The judges are the role (now December 27, 2009) and cases before 2000, which says enough! It is known that one of the reasons being that a state is to ensure a fair justice act in a reasonable time! Wrote in the spring of 2009, higher day (Presidency, Ministry of Justice and Supreme Council of Magistrate –CSM) that are at least three strong reasons to reduce the number of steps of jurisdiction. The presidency didn’t respond (because, I suppose, not habit), the justice ministry responded that they have a solution - (actually a surrogate). And those of CSM responded that they would support the proposal if those who would propose a legislative initiative. Result: instead of responsibility shorter periods and lower costs, have remained in the pool comunism-phanariote. Another example of Balkanism it gives us even an article in the Constitution which states that all are equal before the law and the other two articles that claim is denied? And finally the last example of how to shape our lives Balkanism public in the 21st century: to change a government with thousands of other officials are changing the public of political apatenenţă criteria. Customer supersede policy expertise.
The top communisto-phanariote leaders that poison our daily lives, not only have solutions, vision or concept to modernize the country, but not even accept tips. I believe we have on the political class  no one who is aware of the evil denounced above and still less wanting any, frankly, eradication Balkanism.
Summarize: the solution can not come from the greater of these day (mai marii zilei), regardless of the amount of rudeness with which we preach "modernization". Modernizing the country would mean their disappearance.

* Balkanism is more than a very bad publicadministration –it come from the very corrupted rules of Phanariot’s (some Greeks from Fanar (Constatinopole) in the service of Ottoman Empire in Walachia and Moldova , between 1714-1821.